Howdy!  Welcome to the blog about my adventures! My name is LeeLoo Dallas, and I am a Great Dane from Louisville, KY. I turned 1 this past September. I love to travel and go on adventures with Momma, Michelle, and Poppa, Scott! We’ve been to St. Louis a few times to visit Aunt Nikki and my cousins. We’ve been to Lakeside Marblehead, OH to visit Grandpa Phil and Grandma Sally.

We’ve taken several road trips including St Simons Island, Charleston, Savannah, Fernandina Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Orlando, and Titusville. Most of our road trips have been to get ready for the big adventure …. We are doing America’s Great Loop!

Momma and Poppa bought a boat in St Simons Island GA in July. It’s a 2000 Carver 404 motor yacht and we are renaming it to Dog On IT, hahahaha! Get it? I’m a DOG … Poppa works in IT …. Hahahahah … double punny! I love it! The boat has twin Cummins diesel engines and is 43 feel long. It has 2 staterooms, but all three of us sleep in the same bed. Momma complains about that every now and then, but she loves it when we are all snuggled up. It has everything we need!

We moved the boat from Morning Star Marina in St Simmons Island, GA to Tiger Point Marina in Fernandina Beach, FL to get the bottom painted and to catch up on maintenance. We stayed home for several months while the work was being done. We like the people at Tiger Point. When we arrived to be reunited with the boat, it wasn’t quite ready.  Don’t want to rush these things, so we took some time to explore Fernandina Beach. I went to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time! It was a really cool town!

Momma flew home for a few days to help Aunt Nikki move, so Grandpa Phil flew in to help Poppa move the boat to New Smyrna Beach’s Municipal Marina. Instead of going on the Intracoastal, we went offshore! It will be a while before I want to do that again. We were in New Smyrna for a week and it was really nice! There are parks with squirrels nearby and restaurants within walking distance. We had a lot of fun.

After calling at least 15 marinas, we found a spot in Kennedy Point Marina in Titusville, FL where we could stay a few months and finish getting the boat ready. Poppa still has to fix the davit for the dinghy and to install solar panels, but we plan to start the loop February 1, 2022! We already know it will take us a few years to complete the trip. We won’t be able to travel during the week because Poppa is working full-time. Momma says she needs to work, but hasn’t put much effort into finding a new job yet. Plus, we plan to put the boat on the hard next winter. Everything is fairly loose right now. We are planning to spend a month in New Smyrna Beach, a few months in Charleston, and then will start making our way up the ICW with the only goal to get to Lake Erie in the summer. Since Grandpa Phil and Grandma Sally live on Lake Erie, we will hopefully find a place to store Dog on IT that will also let us do some work. We will hang out in the Great Lakes the following summer then head down the Mississippi. At least that is what we are currently thinking. I’m in it for the adventure, so the plan doesn’t matter to me.

Lots of love,

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