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  • We Started the Great Loop!
    Howdy! January 30, 2022 at 10:25 our boat neighbors in Kennedy Point Marina gathered and tossed the lines as we started out on America’s Great Loop! It was the coldest day in 4 years, but the sun was bright, the winds calmed to under 6 knots, and we entered the channel from the marina to … Read more
  • I can’t swim yet!
    Howdy! Great Danes are not known for being water dogs, but I like the water. Most of the time. I’m trying to figure out how to swim. While we were home in Louisville, KY waiting for the boat, Momma and Poppa took me to YMCA’s Calypso Cove annual Dog swim on my Birthday!  It was … Read more
  • New Smyrna to Titusville
    Howdy! We learned a lesson: in late October: finding a slip in Florida is near impossible. Some marinas are fully reserved 2 years in advance! Since we’d just bought the boat in July, we were sweating bullets. We wanted to find a place we could stay for several months that would allow us to take … Read more
  • New Smyrna Beach #LoveNSB
    Howdy! We left Tiger Point on October 19 and headed to New Smyrna Beach. Since Momma was in St Louis (helping Aunt Nikki move), Poppa and Grandpa Phil decided it would be much quicker to go offshore. Yikes! It was nice at first. I sat up on the flybridge and watched Grandpa Phil drive. After … Read more
  • Launching from Fernandina
    Howdy! As you may recall, we left the boat at Tiger Point on July 29, 2021. We waited until early October and finally got the call that boat was scheduled to go back into the water on Monday, October 11. Woohoo! Finally, after 74 days of waiting we were READY! This time we planned to … Read more
  • St Simmons to Tiger Point, Fernandina
    Howdy! The night before we left Morning Star Marina was not fun at all. Poppa’s arm some how swelled up and got infected so we took him to the emergency room. They wouldn’t let me in so Momma and I waited in the car for hours! We were going to go back to the boat, … Read more
  • My first boat ride
    Howdy! While at Morning Star Marina, Captain Matt and his son, Matthew, helped us get to know the boat. We actually took it out of the slip! We worked on docking, went out into the sound, dropped the anchor, pulled the anchor back up, and Momma learned more about the lines. I stayed on the … Read more
  • Morning Star Marina & St. Simons Island
    Howdy! We drove To Brunswick to close on the boat and stayed at my favorite LaQuinta again. The closing was uneventful and the next thing you know, we were moving all of our stuff onto the boat! I was a little reluctant to get on board. Poppa even tried to coax me with my favorite … Read more
  • How we found a boat
    Howdy! Finding a boat is not as easy as it seems. Since we are in Louisville, there weren’t many Looping boats near us. We decided to Looking on line …. grrr … that was frustrating. Long hours of scrolling through posts and trying to figure out what we wanted turned in weeks and months of … Read more
  • Howdy
    Howdy!  Welcome to the blog about my adventures! My name is LeeLoo Dallas, and I am a Great Dane from Louisville, KY. I turned 1 this past September. I love to travel and go on adventures with Momma, Michelle, and Poppa, Scott! We’ve been to St. Louis a few times to visit Aunt Nikki and … Read more