New Smyrna Beach #LoveNSB

Howdy! We left Tiger Point on October 19 and headed to New Smyrna Beach. Since Momma was in St Louis (helping Aunt Nikki move), Poppa and Grandpa Phil decided it would be much quicker to go offshore. Yikes! It was nice at first. I sat up on the flybridge and watched Grandpa Phil drive. After a while, though, it got really, really bumpy. All I could do was just stand and try to maintain balance. This was no fun at all.

Let’s take her offshore!

Grandpa Phil was going really fast and when we were about 40 miles from New Smyrna Beach, Poppa noticed that the fuel tanks were low. Uh oh! So, um, we’ve never tested the reserve fuel tank before and not 100% sure how to switch it over. Poppa figured it out, as usual, and we arrived at NSB with very little fuel to spare! We had a great view from the slip!

View from New Smyrna Beach City Marina

We were at New Smyrna Beach, FL for a about a week. Momma flew back into Jacksonville after helping Aunt Nikki move, and Grandpa Phil headed back home to Ohio. Momma and Grandpa actually saw each other in the airport because they both had connecting flights in Charlotte. Always fun to see people you know when traveling!

We really liked NSB. We’d take long walks in Riverside Park which was really close to the marina. Lots of trees and the squirrels didn’t seem to be afraid of me or any human!

Across from the Marina there was Old Fort Park with another green space that had a farmers’ market on Saturdays. The park is named after what is speculated to be the ruins of an old fort or someone’s house or a hotel. I couldn’t tell what use to be there, but it was a nice place to walk.

Just past the ruins were restaurants and shops. We don’t go out to eat often, but really liked the Yellow Dog so much that we went there twice. On Grandpa Phil’s last night in town we took him to Corkscrew and a really nice sit down dinner on the patio. I of course didn’t get anything to eat, but the water was tasty! The marina itself was really clean and well run. We plan to come back here.

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